Denver International Airport
Project Date:
August 31, 2023
United Airlines

A Thousand Stars & Then Some

Project Information

My art is all about emphasizing the delight we feel when we allow ourselves to explore and discover something new. I hold the firm belief that each instance of travel presents an opportunity for delightful astonishment—a chance to unearth facets about ourselves or the destination, regardless of whether it's a familiar spot or an uncharted territory. This awareness of an ever-present potential for discovery has the power to infuse our lives with profound joy.

My aspiration is for travelers from around the globe to find something novel every time they find themselves looking at the mural within the terminal's lounge. The mural is intended to serve as a perfect companion during their wait for the impending flight—an avenue for engaging with the tangible world, capable of evoking positive sentiments. It might even serve as a catalyst, prompting conversations with strangers and leading to the formation of new friendships and connections.